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MEALS On wheels

The Meals on Wheels program delivers a nutritious meal to frail, elderly and homebound residents of northern Orange County. The only way these meals can be delivered is through the dedication and generosity of the volunteer drivers. Our Meals on Wheels program is very proud to say that not one driver has had to quit or cut down their driving due to the price of gasoline. This shows us that delivering meals is not just a task that must be done, but is an important and delightful part of these drivers’ day.

Contact - (919) 732-6194 ext. 14 Email us!


SAMaritan relief

The Samaritan Relief Ministry has seen an increase in people needing help with the basics of life, such as food, shelter, water, electricity and clothing. Much publicity has been given to the national issue of food banks running out of food. At this point, the Samaritan Relief Ministry has not had to turn anyone away because of a lack of food, though sometimes the ministry has had to purchase the basics such as soup, fruit and beans.

The Samaritan Relief Ministry has continued to see “new” families; people who are new to northern Orange County, or who have never had to seek assistance before. As the price of food continues to be high, and incomes do not increase or jobs become scarce, the need for emergency food assistance is only going to grow. The Samaritan Relief Ministry is only able to distribute what it has in stock.

What can you do? Participate in school food drives, contribute to the Food of the Month program, organize food drives in your church or place of business, participate in the annual Souper Bowl Sunday event many church youth groups hold. Any food you donate will go to a home in need.

Contact - (919) 732-6194 ext. 12 Email us!


thrift shop

A great place to shop for bargains. Clothes are very reasonably priced. Antique and rare book shoppers are welcome! Household items and furniture are gently used and cleaned. Revenue from the OCIM Thrift Shop supports our ministries.

The Thrift Shop is open for shopping & donations Tuesday - Saturday 9a - 2p

Contact - (919) 732-6194 ext. 21

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