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Our beginnings

In early 1981, three pastors gathered weekly for lectionary study of Biblical texts. Out of these weekly meetings arose discussions about the human needs of Orange County and ultimately, the idea to meet those needs through the united efforts of local congregations.


The discussion grew and on May 4, 1981, representatives from five Orange County congregations gathered to form an outreach ministry to fulfill their dreams of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and, otherwise, ministering to the needs of the people who populated the small towns and rural areas. Orange Congregations in Mission was born from this meeting.


At this founding meeting, a mission statement was developed and by-laws were adopted. That same year, programs and ministries were organized to serve the population of Orange County.


Today, OCIM continues to serve the northern Orange County population. A supportive community and dedicated volunteers help us to accomplish our mission and to maintain our reputation for quick and compassionate responses to human needs in Orange County.

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